On track

On my way to the land of the golden temple. One day quick tour by rail. Kind of tiring …. Don’t think will have time to go to Harmandir Sahib. Official work… Seminar on role of technology in  education. 

Shatabdi express. Going to reach Asr at 11pm. 

Ordered food through travel khana. Delivers food in any train at the platform. Amazing idea. Now let’s see how the food is. Will be delivered at Ludhiana. 

Travage Begins

Finding an inspiration is like farting.

It can happen anytime and without warning 🙂


Thank you Shivya for the much needed inspiration for the creation of this blog. This blog is going to be a visual journey of my travels all around India and the world. Some old travels and some new ones that are being planned.
Cheers and Welcome. 🙂